Webinar Replay:Leverage Big Data to Enhance Customer Experience in Telecommunications

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Join experts from Skytree and Hortonworks to discuss the impact of using Big Data powered by Machine Learning for next generation Customer Analytics.

Telecom Service Providers are some of the largest consumer facing enterprises in the world. Using the example of net promoter score in the telecommunications industry, our experts will discuss how to enhance customer experience using Machine Learning on Hadoop.

There is intense competition in the telecommunications industry for customer acquisition which has resulted in price wars and customer poaching. Customer satisfaction develops the key means by which companies are keeping the competition at bay, reducing costly customer churn, and potentially increasing revenue while overcoming costly price wars. It is therefore imperative for Telecom Service Providers to use all means at their disposal to learn about customer grievances and ensure customer satisfaction at all levels.

Join us to learn about the impact of Big Data on Customer Analytics. This webinar will help you to understand how the use of big data analytics helps institutions understand customer sentiment and better address customer needs leading to greater customer satisfaction.


Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay KumarGeneral Manager, Hortonworks

Alexander Gray

Alexander Gray, Ph.DCo-founder and CTO, Skytree

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